WSCA Member Survey

Recently WSCA received feedback from our shooters and from our member clubs that the target fees ($0.02/target) WSCA collects throughout the year can be better spent. In general terms, this is how WSCA currently distributes the funds collected:

  • State shoot giveaways and State shoot shoot-off events
  • Awards for the Registered Tour Event (RTE)
  • WA. State Youth Shooting support
  • Miscellaneous administrative costs

From the recent feedback, most feel that WSCA should do the following with the funds collected:

  • Forgo the WSCA giveaways and shoot-off events and instead contribute those funds directly to the club hosting the annual state shoot. This gives the host club additional funds to offer a better experience for the participants.
  • >Eliminate the RTE event. The RTE event is no longer providing value to the participants. It was suggested that an alternative event be created to entice the shooting community to participate at all our clubs.

We are asking two specific items in return for considering your feedback. They are:

  • Include your name and NSCA # on your response. This is so that we can reach out to you should we have questions pertaining to your feedback. (Confidentiality will be maintained otherwise).
  • That you respond in a timely manner. We are asking that all feedback be received NLT 7-31-18.

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Member Profiles Intro

Dear Friends,

As you may have seen,Jerry Johnson had the good idea to profile our (WSCA) membership.
This gives new members and potential members a chance to get to know us.

With over 300 members it would take forever to profile all without a little help.
If each person interviewed would do two interviews in return,
the process would be exponential (2-4-8-16-32-64 etc.).

Some Hints for the profile: Who, What,When, Where,Why, How

We need to know who this person is, whats his/her status as a shooter,when started,
what class why do they do this etc. The five W's are just guidelines to help with questions
they are not set in stone. We don't have to produce tomes or get over detailed i.e. boxers or briefs,
grannies or thongs, hat sizes etc. I'd use digits/birthdays with caution. Not everything has to be
about sporting clays. Our membership has a huge variety of backgrounds and are interesting folks.

If you want, profile yourself.

Profiles can be sent via e-mail to Jerry Johnson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.., and a photo op can be
arranged at on of the shoots.

Good Shooting'
Ed Edmiston

Ed Edmiston

Ed was born in Austin, Texas sixty-five years ago. He moved to Hawaii and attended the university of Hawaii, receiving a degree in journalism, with emphasis on radio and television communications.

In 1975, Ed relocated to Shelton, Washington, and was employed as the News Director for KMAS radio. He retired and dedicated his free time to golf until a hip replacement took him out of that game. After healing up a bit a friend, Scott Valentine, suggested he try a shotgun game called Sporting Clays. Sounded like fun to Ed, how could'nt it be? If you're from Texas you know your way around a shotgun, right?

Ed's first venture into the Clay's game came about at Ft. Lewis, some nine years ago. Ed squaded with Ted and Donna Kiser, (talk about getting your feet wet quick!!). Donna became Ed's first clays hero since she was smoking the targets pretty darned good, and Ed was placing holes in the sky and scratching darned few targets. At the end of that very first day Ed had managed to "smoke" eight targets out of a hundred. Someone who shall remain nameless suggested Ed take up fishing as a replacement hobby. Fortunately, Randy Kerr and Jim Hitch took Ed under their collective wings, and thus a shooter was born, and an asset to our sport continued on.

Ed started out in "C" class managed to shoot his way into "D" class rather quickly. A lot of determination, lessons from Gil and Vickie Ash, and the expenditure of thousands and thousands of rounds of ammunition have resulted in Ed attaining "A" class, and in 2010, will also be in the "old folks, super vet concurrent''. He shoots a Browning 525, the only gun he purchased for clays, with all the chokes he could carry. (like we all did!). He now screws in a pair of improved mod's and lets it go at that. Ed shoots practice regularly at Bremerton Skeet and Trap with long time friend Bob Findley. He has attended three zone championships, and two Briley Open shoots, and is a regular at just about every shoot on the West side.

To help those of you who may not recognize the photograph, Ed is the driver of the gun cart with the BIG yellow Labrador riding shotgun. Sadly Conan T.D. Edmiston, (the initials stand for "The Destroyer"), left for Doggie Heaven this past year. On a happy note he is followed by a new yellow Labrador pup named, "Hey"? (don't ask). So soon we can expect to see Ed, with his styled salt and pepper hair, topped off with his trademark snap brimmed hat, riding around the courses with "Hey" riding shotgun.

Ted Sapoznik

During the annual 2010 Washington Sporting Clays Association annual meeting, at Evergreen last summer. Ted Sapoznik took the reins as president from a delighted Matt Miranda.

Ted grew up in Connecticut. After high school he went to the University of Maine and studied chemical engineering. Ted worked for Boise Cascade and Georgia Pacific,a career which saw him and his family moving about the country from the East to the South and the West Coast. In 2007 Ted asked his wife Mary where she wanted to live after his retirement, she chose Vancouver. Ted and Mary have two sons,Chris of Atlanta, and Mike of Bentonville Ark. Last out of the house is daughter Katie,she is an RN in Vancouver.

Ted kinda got started in sporting clays with a sputter but once he got going...He stared in '99 while in L.A. and joined NSCA in '03. In '03 & '04 only shot a few hundred birds, '05 none at all, '06 showed greater interest with 800 birds, '07 did 4700 birds, shot 10,625 in '08 and in '09 shot 14,675 birds which put Ted 10th on the high-bird list for the NSCA, and Ted Made Master Class early the same year.

Anthony Matarese gave lessons to Ted following a U,S, Open event. Matarese teaches the pull-away style. "it slows you down and smooths you out' , Ted said. He has plans to invite Matarese to Give lessons at the Tri County Gun Club (where he also holds a chair) in the Spring.

Our president introduced his dad to sportng clays by giving him a new shotgun, and hooked him. Ted "s goals got this year are one:, to make sporting clays fun, two; actively promote the sport, three; challenge each member to introduce someone new to the sport next year.

You can contact ted at tesapoznik @ or call 360-977-2329.

Russ Nightingale

Fast cars, faster motorcycles and pretty shotguns.

That says it all. (not quite) Russ is a home boy, born right here in Seattle WA. The year was 1940 and he has stayed fairly close. At age 17 his first true love was his 1940 Plymouth, she was a six cylinder engine and had a three speed on the tree. I think we called those Rat Backs. She was all you could want and things went well till his zippo ignited the headliner on fire. A real thermal event.

After graduating from Franklin High in 1958 it was time to join the world of working people. A good job was hard to find at that time but not only was Russ was able find work, but also an apprenticeship as a flooring master. While attending Seattle Community College Russ became aware of a fellow named Gerard Loupe who was teaching automotive classes in the same school. Russ's brother Al was working at United Transmission at the same time owned by, yup our Gerard. Small world.

Russ's flooring career lasted from 1958 to 1992 with the same company.During the time from 1968 to 1983 Russ began racing motorcycles. He especially enjoyed cross-country and desert racing, his big 400 husky on the desert and a 250 yamaha for motto cross kept him out in front of the sportsmen.

During an overnight stay, camping in the pits of a desert race, Russ's good friend, racer and avid hunter Don Carnahan opened up a case of clay targets. Thats all it took, after Don showed how easy it was to smack targets out of the air, it was Russ's turn. Don handed him a 303 auto and a box of 12gauge shells, Russ was able to produce 25 misses.

Next week Russ found an ad for a Remington 1100 not a bad choice. That weekend Russ went to Redmond to buy his new toy and on his way back noticed a sign saying Welcome to Seattle Skeet & Trap-open to the public, so he pulled in and you know the rest. Good-bye motorcycle Good-bye race car. Gun powder addiction had set in.

Russ is still an active member at the Seattle Gun Club and volunteers much of his time working whenever he is needed.On the weehends you can find him at the local sporting clays competition. His journey from D class to AA has been both fun and frustration but the good times and new friends along the way will never be forgotten. Russ still enjoys the smell of burning rubber and nitro at a good drag race. Both Russ and his lovely wife Sandy are very active at there church and enjoy the people and the activity's. When you see Russ say HI and tell you saw him on the web.   

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