Volunteers needed for State Shoot at SST

As many of you know Seattle Skeet and Trap is hosting the 2019 WA State Sporting Clays Championship on Thursday June 20th through Sunday June 23rd, 2019. This is the first time we have done this since 2016 and it takes an incredible amount of work to provide a positive shooting experience for our guests. We have already had a great response to our event and currently have about 98 shooters signed up to participate with another month or so to go. I think so far the one coming the farthest is from Georgia.

In order to have our shoot run smoothly and showcase our club I am asking that you consider volunteering to help us on one or all of the identified days. On Thursday we need help scoring and pulling for the 5 stand. Friday we have the preliminary and super sporting events on the hill in addition to 5 stand, and on Saturday and Sunday we have the Main Event, FITASC, and 5 stand.

We really need your help to make sure we have enough volunteers to cover all of our venues. John Abbott has volunteered to help organize our volunteers; please reach out to him with the days that you can help us so we can start getting organized.

If you have never scored or pulled targets please let us know as soon as possible so that we have some time in which we can train before the event.

We have created a way to try and give back to you for your efforts. Every person who works an event will receive 5 rounds of trap and skeet targets, or 5 rounds of 5 stand targets, or 100 sporting clay targets (limit of 1 gift per day). If you can help us get through the entire shoot we will also provide you with a flat of 12 or 20 gauge ammo.

This is a fantastic opportunity to show everyone why we have the premier club in the Pacific NW but that won't happen without your help. Please consider getting on one of our volunteer lists.

Thank you,
Tom Rhea
Seattle Skeet and Trap Club
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