Sad News for our Shooting Community

The Sporting Clay community recently lost three of our own. They are:

Gerard Loupe passed away on July 28th. Gerard was a combat veteran in WW-2, a self-made man, and he worked hard to support and play sporting clays in Washington State. As so eloquently said in his obituary “Gerard, embraced life with a clear mind and a sense of humor. He was quick of wit, soft of heart, and a friend to all.”

Dr. Tom Ryan passed away this past weekend. Tom was an NSCA National Delegate for many years for Eastern Washington. He contributed greatly to both Landt Farms and Double Barrel Ranch as well as the game of sporting clays.

Tom Boers passed away August 6 from esophageal cancer. Tom had been fighting cancer for 2-1/2 years and just went on hospice care last week. He will be missed by our shooting community.

For those of you who had a chance to shoot with or got to know either Gerard, Tom, or Tom Boers, count yourself lucky. For those of you who didn’t know them, know that their legacy continues through our behavior and actions on the sporting clays course, and for some of us, throughout our lives. They will all be dearly missed.

WSCA expresses our sincere condolences to both Loupe, Ryan and Boers families.

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