Change to UNSC Shooting Schedule

UNSC had opted to shoot every other month starting in February. Here is their shoot schedule for 2020

-January 25th 100 targets
-February 22nd No Shoot
-March 28th 100 Targets
-April 25th No Shoot
-May 23rd 200 Targets (Lynch Creek 200)
-June No Shoot
-July 25th 100 Targets
-August 22nd No Shoot
-September 26th 100 Targets
-October 24th No Shoot
-November 28th 200 Targets (Thanksgiving 200)
-December No Shoot

A notice was sent out to all the clubs to see if they wanted to add a shoot on any of these dates. Granite Falls will be shooting August 22nd and JBLM will add two shoots on February 22nd and October 24th.

Please update your calendars accordingly.

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