WSCA Member Survey

Recently WSCA received feedback from our shooters and from our member clubs that the target fees ($0.02/target) WSCA collects throughout the year can be better spent. In general terms, this is how WSCA currently distributes the funds collected:

  • State shoot giveaways and State shoot shoot-off events
  • Awards for the Registered Tour Event (RTE)
  • WA. State Youth Shooting support
  • Miscellaneous administrative costs

From the recent feedback, most feel that WSCA should do the following with the funds collected:

  • Forgo the WSCA giveaways and shoot-off events and instead contribute those funds directly to the club hosting the annual state shoot. This gives the host club additional funds to offer a better experience for the participants.
  • >Eliminate the RTE event. The RTE event is no longer providing value to the participants. It was suggested that an alternative event be created to entice the shooting community to participate at all our clubs.

We are asking two specific items in return for considering your feedback. They are:

  • Include your name and NSCA # on your response. This is so that we can reach out to you should we have questions pertaining to your feedback. (Confidentiality will be maintained otherwise).
  • That you respond in a timely manner. We are asking that all feedback be received NLT 7-31-18.

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